“Local Emergency Power Experts Team Up With General Electric To Provide Affordable Back Up Electricity”

…Protecting You, Your Family, AND Your Home From The Dangers and Stress Created During A Hudson Valley Power Outage!

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Are you tired of being stranded in the dark because of the repetitive power outages that seemingly plague our beautiful Hudson Valley?

If you are like MOST of us, you are ready to bring an end to the stress created when your power goes out … taking with it your lights, water, refrigeration, heat, air conditioning and…


If you’re finally ready for an affordable, automatic, permanent AND… SAFE SOLUTION to the dreaded power outage   (no more dragging out that dangerous gasoline powered generator)

… Then it’s time you consider installing an affordable, automatic, standby power source! And, there has NEVER been a more affordable time than RIGHT NOW!

Here’s WHY…

The Hudson Valley’s Emergency Power Experts at B&K Electric have teamed up with G.E. to once again “Bring Good Things To Life” ® by making a Fully Automatic, Emergency Standby Home Generator both affordable and easy to pay for during the 37 Days of our #Get Powered Up Sale!

Just imagine how great it will feel to never lose your power again … especially during those most important times… such as when you have a house full of hungry guests at your home for a Holiday dinner !

Our newest client (Mrs. Martha P. of Tivoli) experienced that exact problem last year, losing her electric while preparing Thanksgiving Dinner …. and of course, she had a house full of company visiting her from NYC (she told me that it was “embarrassing” … and “one of the worst days” of her life)

GE Standby Generators Hudson Valley Home Generators

Pick up your phone and call our office at (518) 851-7666  so you can arrange your FREE Emergency Home Power Consultation. We will immediately schedule a visit with you to analyze and discuss your home’s electric demand… matching it with the appropriate size generator that will keep you living life as usual during the next power outage.

We will also discuss the many financing & easy payment options that are available for you… Such as:

  • 0% Interest for 24 Months
  • 2.9 % for 60 Months
  • Fixed Budget – Low Monthly Payments w/ZERO Down For 144 Months!
    GE Emergency Standby Generators Hudson Valley Home Generators
    ** Financing Available to those who Qualify**

This is TRULY an Amazing Time, and Opportunity, for YOU to Save Big Money… while providing the necessary safety, comfort and security for You and Your Family.

By calling and taking advantage of this LIMITED TIME Offer, you will receive these Additional  Bonuses:

  • You will receive your first generator service FREE of Charge! Compliments of B&K Electric  (A $200 Value)
  • We will install a FREE Engine Block / Battery Heater on your new generator (A $327 Savings) so you can have the Peace of Mind that comes from knowing that your generator is ALWAYS Standing By just waiting to Protect YOU. Even on those horrible Sub Zero Nights here in the Hudson Valley!
  • You will receive a FREE Wireless Monitor for your Home (normally a $239 Upgrade) that will constantly monitor, and display your generator’s readiness… right from the comfort of your home! No need to go trudge out into the harsh elements to know that YOU and YOUR FAMILY are PROTECTED!
  • The longest lasting, Most Comprehensive Warranty in the Generator Industry … so you can rest easy and keep the repair money in your pocket!                                   

... Because You are getting A FULL 5 Year Warranty that is backed by NOT ONE… BUT TWO STRONG COMPANIES! General Electric (we all know them… the company that INVENTED electricity, the power generator and the electric home) AND B&K Electric… who for over the past 43 years has served this area with integrity, fairness and good old fashioned PRIDE… and THAT is the EXACT reason why they have earned the distinguished reputation as the “Hudson Valley’s Emergency Power Experts”

As you pick up your phone and call 518.851.7666 to schedule your FREE Emergency Home Power Consultation with us, make sure that you have this discount code ready: [HVHG-POWERUP] … So you can take advantage of the #GetPoweredUp Savings … and the generous Limited Time Bonuses!

Together, we will make the dreaded Hudson Valley Power Outage a Thing of The Past…  for YOU and Your Family!

We look forward to meeting, and working with you.

Best Regards,

The Hudson Valley Home Generator Team

P.S. – Don’t forget that this is a LIMITED Time Offer… Call us Today at (518) 851-7666 or email us at HudsonValleyHomeGenerators@gmail.com to Schedule your appointment and lock in your savings and FREE Bonuses!

P.S.S. – Do you have Friends and Neighbors who are sick of being left in the dark too? Let’s ALL get together and see how much MORE we can SAVE YOU by bundling together your generators!

CALL US TODAY for Your Free, Emergency Power Consultation! (518) 851-7666

Or Simply Send Us a Message and We will contact You Shortly …



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